our offer comprises over a dozen duvets made of different kinds of ticking and with various fillings

For a long time down and feather have been the best, natural, light, soft and resilient filling during each and every healthy sleep.

In our offer of down duvets you will find products with diverse down fillings, depending on the kind of down, the amount of down content in the product, with the remaining percentage consisting of feathers, and the amount of fill indicated in grams.

A duvet plays the most important role in thermal protection of a human body during sleep. A down duvet is the most effective.  And the best support for a head at rest is a half-down pillow.  Both a down duvet and a half-down pillow allow for a comfortable position of a body in bed and a free circulation of air around the head and the body.

Down and feather placed inside a breathable fabric (shell) collect the air from outside and keep it inside the empty spaces  of „the rays” of down and „the flames” of feather. It guarantees a perfect thermal insulation which affects a human body in a positive way, without fear of overheating the body.


 The high quality down and feather used as a filling have undergone processes of numerous washing with special ecological technologies, to remove dust, odours and any impurities – the most common causes of allergies.


Nowadays, thanks to the modern methods and technologies of processing and refining the feathers,

the down and feather market  dominates in the production of articles of bedding all over the world, outpacing wool and synthetics. We are witnessing  an evident, permanent and significant world-wide comeback to natural components.

The seams and the covering textile (shell) have been carefully selected and examined to ensure the comfort of multiple usage. The covering textile is a specialised cotton tightly woven fabric which prevents down feathers from poking through, but at the same time allows for a free circulation of air between the internal and external parts of duvets and pillows.

In order to ensure optimal thermal properties, special tapes are sewn inside the duvets, which create a sort of walls around each module. As a result, we receive a cassette construction thanks to which the down filling does not move between individual modules and we avoid so called “cold zones”. The number of cassettes ranges from 24 to 36 depending on the size of a duvet.


An absolute novelty in our offer is a collection called DELUXE. It combines natural, ecological products and the most advanced technology, thus eliminating a number of allergizing components.

The filling of DELUXE duvet is the highest quality Polish white goose down 90%. Not only has it undergone the processes of multiple washing, dust extraction, sorting out with specialist and ecological technologies, but it has also been covered with Teflon coating.  Therefore, the down has gained hydrophobic properties, which means it has become resistant to moisture and odours absorption.

The covering textile (shell) in case of DELUXE collection is the revolutionary Evolon –a fabric with no chemical additives, which shows anti-mite and breathable properties.

All the above elements constitute the DELUXE collection.  These are products of very high resilience, lightness and perfect insulation properties. They guarantee an ideal air circulation during sleep.

EN 12935


Down and feather have been washed according to the EN 12935 standard relating to hygiene and purity of down and feather. 

The down products in our offer are in compliance with the EN 12934 standard developed under the guidance of the European Committee of Standardization.


Apart from products with natural filling, in our offer you will also find synthetic ones, which have been made in accordance with strict standards of thermal insulation. They provide an even heating of the body, reduction of temperature differences and „cold zones”.

They guarantee an adequate air circulation and optimal temperature in all seasons.

A synthetic, anti-allergic product, made of high quality, heat-sealing, polyester fabric.  The sealing is achieved through thermal impact on bi-component fibres, in which the casing that is melting creates a stable connection between the fibres. These are nonwovens which have been produced partly on the base of a light fibre - Quallofil AdvanSA (DuPoint). The bindings created this way ensure high durability and equability of bonds.


 A properly woven fabric prevents the migration of fibres constituting the filling. Both the fabric and the polyester non-woven comply

with all medical requirements and safety standards..

The product can be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees C, with 1/3 of the usual amount of washing powder, and can be tumble-dried.


A polyester duvet gives warmth, pleasant softness and keeps its shape for a long time.

A pillow offers a good support for the head, it has got an acceptable fluffiness and softness.

Thanks to high quality fabrics and appropriate fillings we can guarantee that the bedding will preserve its original fluffiness, shape and thermal properties – it is light, soft, comfortable and safe.