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rom the very beginning of its existence a man’s aim was to gain enough food and ensure a sufficient security level.To survive in unfavourable conditions he learnt to hunt and to cover his body with animal skins. Thanks to these skins an average life expectancy grew much higher.

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ome years later, when processing the poultry he hunted, a man noticed that the feathers falling down on his body create a nice, protective thermal layer. It was already in the centuries B.C. that people were putting down and feather inside sewn up bags. This in turn coincided with weaving the first fabrics.
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he duvets that we know and use today appeared back then. They were used as part of a more advanced culture which was characterised by weaving skills, acquiring of down and feather, as well as ensuring proper safety during sleep.
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reeding of poultry reaches back into antiquity, it continued throughout Middle Ages and modern times, and it lasts until today. Poultry is a source of valuable, high protein food, but it also provides us with high quality down and feather. And the down itself is the most valued product due to its thermal properties.
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hen it comes to evaluating the quality of down and feather, an essential aspect is both the poultry species and the area of its appearance. It is strictly connected with birds’ adaptability to the climate of a given area.
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own and feather from Poland is the most recognized product in this industry in the world. And the microclimate of Kaszuby made the down and feather from this area even better. The natural environment, that is, forests, meadows, the multitude of rivers and lakes, cold winters, cool and humid nights, induced the birds to cover themselves with big down balls of very high thermal properties. It is an exceptional gift of nature that exactly in our region goose down and feather have the best heat-insulating parameters in the world.
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ost probably many of us keep nice childhood memories and remember our visits at grandparents’ house. A cosy room, a bed, and a big, well-ventilated duvet on it, under which one fell asleep in a blink of an eye, and the dreams were always colourful and relaxing.
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or many years our company has been carrying on this tradition: we look after it, we improve it and we create new quality out of the raw material delivered to us by nature.  We select meticulously local down and feather so as to be absolutely sure that we use the top class product. Then it undergoes processing: we dedust it, wash it and dry it. When processing, we use only ecological products of the best parameters available.

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e are proud to combine the Japanese quality control technology, the precision of German machines, the best quality Polish down and feather as well as our commitment and experience in processing these exceptional gifts of nature. This local down from Kaszuby can be found in duvets and pillows in stores of New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and Seoul. We constantly enjoy our products, but first of all they provide lots of joy and satisfaction to our ever growing group of customers. Join them!